Monday, April 23, 2012

Dog Needs Glasses

It started as a goof, and took off.  We put reading glasses on our German Shepherd, Beverly, as Samantha read our book to her.  We posted it on the Follow the Dog Home Facebook page, and things went crazy.  Internally and externally.
Samantha Walsh & Beverly

Jean Walsh & Beverly

Jean liked what Samantha did, duplicated it, then did a switcheroo. Can you see the difference in the two photos?

Next thing we know, glasses end up on Mia, a gorgeous German Shepherd owned by our pal Laura Borden in Pennsylvania.

Connie Byron sent me the above picture.  Apparently her sweetie, Rosie, saw the focals as a chew toy instead of an eye aid.  That happened to me a few years back with my Golden Retriever, Susie.

I don't know what we've started here, but I'm entertained.  And I'd like to see more.  Send us your spectacle wearing doggie photos.