Friday, November 25, 2011

Meet 10-year-old Samantha: Author of Follow the Dog Home

Hi my name is Samantha Walsh, and I am ten years old.  Get to know me down here!

Nicknames: Sam, Sammy, and Sammy Cakes
Sports: Skiing, Tennis, Lacrosse, Dance and Gymnastics
Hobbies: Typing, Writing, Doodling, and Reading

Book: Scat and The Red Fern Grows
Movie: Titanic (Because Leo's in it!), The Spy Next Door
TV Shows: iCarly, Victorious, Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up, So Random, Ghost Whispers Criminal Minds and Without a Trace
Song or Band: Almost everything on Kiss 108- (107.9)
Saying or Quotes: “When the fat lady sings, throw lemons and make lemonade!” And “Oh my stars!”
My best experience: Having Dunkin Donuts at the Reader’s Breakfast at my school
My best project I completed: Building my own dream house for a school project
What I want to be when I grow up: Veterinarian (Animal Doctor)
Advice I’d Like To Pass On: Don’t ever come to my school and order its lunch!
What you do know about me: I have a dog named Beverly

 About Follow The Dog Home: I am so happy to be in life, and to make this book. We loved writing it, but it was, and still is a lot of work. Since we want to sell copies of Follow The Dog Home, besides writing about it, we have to do some other things: create the title, edit it, put the pages together and create a website. That got a little annoying for my dad. I am busy doing other work on the book. The only thing I know how to do for the book is to write about it and edit it. I've been practicing my autograph.

When we finish selling this book, we will make another book called “Why Are Dogs Smarter Then Cats?”  The reason why I got the idea for a new book is because there was this girl at my camp, and she thinks that cats are smarter than dogs. Do we know the truth? I will set up a voting competition online and see what you customers think. Once I get the answer I will report it on line and on TV for interviewing us. I will tell you if dogs won, or cats won. There will be a trivia question about dogs every month.

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