Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dog Sleeping with Jesus

I don't know if this German Shepherd channeled its inner Wise Man or what, but my eyes clearly tell me it found a comfortable place to crash.

The shepherd puns are endless: the German Shepherd found The Good Shepherd; the Lord is my shepherd... there is nothing I shall want, etc.

My pal Lorraine posted the picture on her Facebook account.  She got the picture of the dog in a manger from an email.  I don't know who the dog is, or where it came from, but someone closer to the source of the photo suggested it was a stray.  If true, that's the best looking stray dog I've ever seen, and an animal smarter than any wise man I've ever known.  Who needs a star when you can follow your heart home? 

The more I look at this picture, the more it reminds me of our dog, Beverly.  It's not Beverly above, but there is a likeness. And like our friend in the manger, Beverly has led us to some interesting places too--my father's early childhood home, site unseen, the best among them. 

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