Friday, December 9, 2011

Interesting Dog Names

That dog in the window is Beverly
I signed onto my Facebook account this morning and on the front page was a posting from The Huffington Post.  It was about interesting dog names.  I kinda sorta thought I might see my dog's name and picture among the 25 dogs on the list; otherwise I wasn't sure why the Huffington Post would out of nowhere pop up on my account.  Sadly, Beverly was not among the bunch.  I'm over it.  So is Beverly.  And if nothing else, that opened a window to another idea--a dog name post of my own.

Beverly follows Tiffany, who was the family German Shepherd that preceded her.  We prefer girly girly names for our German Shepherds because it takes the edge off.  When nervous people hear Beverly's name, they instantly decompress. 

Other stories:  I knew a girl in high school whose dog's name was Jeff.  Her boyfriend was Jeff too.  We had fun with that one.

A few years back I saw a teenager walking a funky looking dog, that almost didn't seem of this Earth.  I asked what the dog's name was.  "Yigo," (pronounced Gee'-go) he answered. 

"That's an interesting name," I told him.

"Yeah, we used to live in a village called Yigo.  Nobody's ever heard of it.  It's in Guam, and nobody's heard of that either," he answered.

"Oh, no, no, I know exactly what you're talking about.  When I heard Yigo and "village" instead of "town", I knew exactly what you meant.  I used to live in Guam too!"

For the geography challenged, Guam is a U.S. Territory in the Western Pacific region.  The boy was stunned, and of course I was too.  We bid each other Hafa Adai--Chamorro for good day--and went on our way.

My pal, Carter, who you see on a big TV network from time-to-time, had a Lab named Nalu.  In Hawaiian, Nalu means wave.  Carter is from Hawaii and surfs--pretty well I might add.

Years ago my dad had a dog named Fly-Boy.  He's in the picture to the left and below.  That dog could fly, but only in one direction.  He could jump into his outdoor pen, but not out of it.  The ground was level.  Doesn't make sense.  Neither did Fly-Boy.  We wrote about him, Beverly, Tiffany and others in our book, Follow the Dog Home.

My neighbor Bob, a retired Boston area firefighter with an accent as thick as chowdah had a Bulldog named Shakespeare.  It was better to hear Bob say it, "Shaykes-pee'ah."

Shakespeare was as cool as his name.  He was solid, unwavering, a true friend and confidant to Bob; much like Horatio was to Hamlet.

So that's my soliloquy on dog names.  If you have a cool comment to share, by all means do so.


  1. Our dog is Sabrina, which was the name the rescue gave her & we didn't have the heart to change it. So you can chalk up another girly name for a dog. Besides Oogy, which I think it an odd name (have you read that book about the dog only a family could love?) the funniest name I've heard for a dog is Deogi. Go ahead & say it out loud. Deogi...Dee-Oh-Gee...D-O-G!

  2. Oh that's too funny. Haven't read it, Thanks for sharing.