Sunday, March 4, 2012

Go Greek

Therapy Dog as puppy.  More on Him Below.

Why not go Greek?  We did for a casual Sunday lunch and a party broke out--sort of.  My dad, and fellow Follow the Dog Home author, Bob, needed some books.  Apparently his popularity is increasing around Ledyard, Connecticut and his supply had run out.  Samantha and I decided to meet him halfway between our homes in Wellesley, Massachusetts and Ledyard.  The plan was to sign a bunch of books, divvy them up, and return to our respective homes.  

Samantha and Bob Walsh signing books.  Ni Ni managing boxing effort.

In between bites of the biggest Greek salad on earth, we penned our names on the inside covers.  The pile of books on our table at the Golden Greek Restaurant in Webster, Mass attracted quite a bit of attention.  Other diners came over to talk, and everyone had a story to share.

Father Adam (left) and Dog Therapy Trainer Friend

Catholic Priest Father Adam, seen above, got the clergy discount.  That's free for the church challenged.  His friend was a dog therapy trainer, so he too got a similar discount--free!  Hey if you're saving souls and soothing the hearts of the sick, I don't have the heart to charge you any money.  My dad thinks everyone should pay, and he may be right, but a  lot of good comes out of extending goodwill too.  It's almost impossible to see in this picture, but the trainer is holding a small picture in his hand of his puppy.  The bigger version of the picture is at the top of the blog.

Our waitresses were dog people as well.  Jill had and lost a German Shepherd named Buddy.  He really did live up to the name, she says.  I told her I could relate having had, lost, and written about German Shepherds too.  Marsha has two dogs: a Dachschund named Charlie; the other a Beagle/Dachschund mix named Dolly.  Marsha considers her pets family.  So do we.

Waitresses Marsha Bates & Jill Klashka with authors Kevin, Samantha & Bob Walsh at Golden Greek Restaurant
Considering that we took over their restaurant, and because they took such good care of us, I just had to give them a book too.  And the young lady next table over who took our picture with my iPhone, yep another dog owner times two.

People often ask, where do you find all these cool stories?  I don't.  They find me.  Good stories are everywhere.  It's just a question of whether you're receptive to the creativity and curiosity that is constantly around you.  We found it in spades at Golden Greek Restaurant in Webster, and we found the food to be terrific too.

The Golden Greek Restaurant, Webster, Massachusetts


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    1. Had a fine lunch with lots of unexpected good will. The staff and the patrons were great. Grandpops