Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here She is! And She Has Two Dogs.

Well here's the video of our Super Bowl Super Artist, Breanna.  Breanna is 11, and a fifth grader at an Indianapolis area elementary school.  She is darling.  Her conversation with WRTV Reporter, Stacia Matthews, aired yesterday.  Today, the Super Bowl Host Committee is delivering the original copy of Follow the Dog Home that I left behind Super Bowl week.

Based on her animal drawings and love of the Indianapolis Zoo, I had a feeling she might have a dog.  Animal lovers typically do.  Well guess what?  She has not one, but two dogs!  Oh, this goes my heart good.  More reason to believe, and I do, that her welcoming card--one in 36,000--was meant for me, and Follow the Dog Home was meant for her.

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