Friday, September 9, 2011

Dogs Get Sick Too

Samantha taking care of Beverly

Beverly was sick the other day. She was lethargic and throwing up with regularity. We kept trying to figure out if she ate something she shouldn’t have. There was questioning throughout the family with no shortage of suspects and suspicion. In the end we couldn’t figure it out. I figured she was just sick and maybe had a touch of the flu. If people can get sick from the spread of germs, certainly our dogs can too. Germs don’t discriminate, they just look for new hosts. So it was a rough night for Bev, which she got through with a lot of love and reassurance from us and the kids. The next day she woke us up by dropping a wet, filthy tennis ball on our bed. It muddied the sheets and its coldness on my bare leg woke me as well as an alarm clock. All is well and Bev is just supah. Do you have an interesting sick dog story? Share it, and post a picture if you have one.

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