Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Dog Blog, Fun and Perils of Dogsitting

Samantha with Annie, Betsy and Beverly

We’re dogsitting right now for my dad’s Corgi, Annie. I think we’ve become his kennel, although he does pay the grandkids well for the effort. He parks his car here, drops Annie off, goes to Logan International, and jets around the world. Beverly and Annie get along famously–until there’s food in the mix. Annie, pipsqueek that she is, is usually the aggressor. It's hard to believe a dog with such a smiley face can muster up such machisima. Annie has the gross habit of scraping dried, crusty worms off the sidewalk with her tongue when we take her for a walk. That freaks some people out; I think it's funny. She's a doll with quirks.

A couple of years ago ago we took care of a neighbor’s bulldog, Betsy. Betsy was a love who loved to be loved. I think I gave her a little too much loving though with hugs, rubs and pats. She was trained to pee on the periphery of property so as not to yellow the grass--a good thing, right? Trouble was she wandered through patches of poison oak/ivy. When she came in for affection, the plant oils rubbed off. I had to complete a 10-day course of Prednisone after rashes and welts inflamed the lower extremities. If you’ve never had poison ivy in those sensitive places, consider yourself among the fortunate. No kidding, my doctor asked me if I was gardening naked. The answer is no, but I understood the question considering the visuals.

That’s enough for now. Keep an eye on Dog Blog at And if you have a good dog story to share, leave a comment. And try on your best New Englandese while you’re at it.

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