Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playing Doggie Dress Up

Amanda dressing up Beverly in her Wicked Supah Bev Outfit

Sometimes you just never know what kind of reaction you’ll get from a posted picture. I’m pretty sure most of my Facebook and Twitter followers enjoyed seeing picture of my German Shepherd Beverly dressed up as a rock star, complete with bling, glasses, a skirt and T-shirt. However, at least one person claimed it was cruel. It isn’t cruel, but she may have a point.

Most dogs don’t like to be covered with anything. It’s a dominance thing. If you’ve ever tried to put a doggie raincoat or a blanket on your friend, you know what I’m talking about. We don’t have these issues with Beverly, but we did with other dogs. The difference is getting an early start. Beverly has had people in her face, and my small children have used her as their personal model since she was a puppy. So she’s used to it. We tried the same stuff with some of our previous dogs, and they would have none of it. The lesson? Start early; do it before patterns and the dog’s insecurities set in. Do you dress your dog up? Share a story and a picture.

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