Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dog Climbs Tree!

I saw a dog CLIMB A TREE!  I'm not kidding.  He climbed A TREE--not once, but twice!  I was taking a walk with my German Shepherd, Beverly, and two Golden Retrievers named Buddy and Taffy.  Buddy and Taffy were littermates.  Without warning, Buddy saw a tree to his liking and with Dwight Stones jumping ability, and catlike claws, he managed to spring and pull himself up into a wedge in the middle of the tree with thick limbs growing out.  It was about four feet up!

Buddy in Tree

About twenty minutes later, another tree with a crook in the middle.  Boing!  Up goes Buddy.  

Buddy, Round Two

"He does it all the time," his owner told me.  Really?  Hey, whatever wags your tail.  Buddy, I'm sure is getting a whiff of something good up there.  Maybe that's why he leaps.  But if not, it wouldn't be a leap to say he does it to show off.  Really, he put on a show, and gave us all a good laugh and great pictures.

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