Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blind Dogs, A Sight to See

I’m really annoyed with myself. I brought my dog Beverly to the dog park the other day and failed to bring my camera. That’s always a mistake because you never know who you’re going to bump into, and what you’re going to see.
Today I saw a blind dog. Julie, a white standard poodle, lost her eyesight about two years ago. Julie stands about hip high and has a good poodle poof on top of her head.

Beverly approached Julie low and submissive. Julie couldn’t see it, but I’m sure she could sense a dog was coming with her ears and nose. Beverly gave Julie a good sniff under her tail, a gentle body bump, and pretty soon Julie was romping with her new friend. “It’s been so long since she’s romped with anyone,” her owner said. “Your dog must have really made her feel comfortable.”

Beverly, friend to all dogs

Do me a favor. Close your eyes and picture what you just read. You just got inside Julie’s head, adding color and pictures to darkness.

It was great to see the dogs at play. I don’t know if Bev knew her poodle pal was blind, but somehow she gave off that special dog vibe and smell that let Julie know what she couldn’t see was nothing to fear.

Years ago my college coach told me a story about a blind dog that I’ve never forgotten. He had a Bulldog that went blind. Coach’s family found out when they changed the furniture. The dog started bumping into things. They took the dog to the vet who concluded the dog went blind years ago. The only reasonable conclusion was the Bulldog had the house, the way outside and the backyard memorized until the furniture change and—Doink!

Why do I tell this? I don’t know. I just thought that it was a neat story. Sometimes neat stories find me and remind me of other ones from the past. So I share. Have a cool story to share of your own? Leave it below, and include a picture if you have one.

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