Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Funny Dog Names

Pretty Piggy

Sometimes a dog just looks the part of its name. Or, it can be completely the opposite. Let me give you a few examples. I had a friend whose father raised German Shepherds. His family’s last dog’s name was Killer. From what Larry tells me, the dog was pretty true to his name. With that in mind, and knowing how German Shepherds are sometimes perceived, I decided to go the other way.

I gave my German Shepherds the most girly girly names I could. Have you ever been afraid of anyone named Tiffany? “You can’t name a German Shepherd Tiffany ,” my neighbor Anne Crossman chided years ago. “You have to give them a strong name like Sasha, or Duchess.”

I followed Tiffany up with Beverly. It’s the same principle, and for the most part it works.

Tiffany (left) and Beverly

The other day I saw a Bulldog at my daughters’ school. I love Bulldogs. They’re so ugly that they’re cute. And they’re cuddly.

At the top of the page is a princess named Piggy. Now that may sound unkind, but there’s a story behind it that makes total sense. When her owner got her as a puppy she was already named,
Cleopatra. Cleopatra seemed a bit much. Cleo wasn’t much better. In their opinion she didn’t look like her name. So they went with something that fit the ear as much as it did the eye. “She just made a lot of snorting sounds, you know, like a pig. That’s why we named her Piggy,” the owner said.

That makes total sense. Do you agree, or disagree?

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