Thursday, October 20, 2011

Playground for Dogs

Beverly at Playground

So long as the playground is relatively clear, it's a good place to take your dog to do basic agility skills. Playground equipment is not unlike what you'd find at a real dog training facility. We take Beverly over to the playground and she loves it. There are plenty of stairs to climb, platforms to jump on to and leap from. Beverly has been known to tackle a slide, and zip through tunnels too. She's a house dog to us, but she comes from working lines. There's probably a carryover. Whatever the case, it's just a lot of fun for her to enjoy what my children and friends do. I'm pretty sure she just sees herself as one of the girls. And the girls, they just love her.

Beverly and playground friends

Have you ever taken your dog to the playground? What was the reaction? Include it and a comment below.

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