Monday, October 24, 2011

What the Dog Smelled: City Dogs

Minus open space, I suppose city living is good for dogs too.  I snapped this picture right near the Boston Garden, home of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Bruins.

Near Boston Garden

There are lots of smells in the cty, and we know nothing--absolutely nothing--ever smells bad to a dog. The fact that most city dwellers have small lawns or no grass at all, it kind of forces the take a walk issue. A walk down Walsh Place in Boston's North End (pciture and sign below), is just as good as a walk down Newbury Street in Boston's Back Bay, Madison Avenue in New York, or even Skid Row in LA. Dogs hardly care about the real estate so long as the walk in brisk, the stops are frequent and the aromas are rich.

Walsh Place, North End

We all know that dogs live for strolls with their owners and the smells they discover along the way. The best things we can do is let them sniff away, even if it slows down the cardio. I read a book excerpt in which the author compared that to snatching the newspaper out of a reader's hands. Man I had no idea. I've done that so many times. Have you? Include an interesting dog story of your own below.

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