Sunday, October 16, 2011

Find Your Dog a JOB!

Zeta, Wellesley Country Club

There's no better place for a dog than on a golf course. Well, maybe a farm--and even then it's a tie. The point is open space and a job mean so much to a dog. Manning the golf cart is nine-year-old, Zeta. The Weimeranar spends almost everyday on the golf course with her owner, Bill the greenskeeper. When he goes to work, she goes too. It's companionship and purpose. This is what dogs live for.

Seeing Zeta when I caddy reminds me of Clyde. Clyde was a golf course dog at Brandywine Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware. Clyde, a Spaniel/Lab mix, would chase the Canada Geese away from the ponds around the first and 18th holes. That was good because those birds dropped bombs everywhere. The average Canada Goose drops five pounds of doo doo a day--very messy. Clyde was cooler than his name, and a heckuva worker. Like Zeta, he'd ride around on Greg the Greenskeeper's cart. If something needed addressing, Clyde was out of that cart so fast. And Clyde loved being fussed over by members.

Zeta's a good girl. I had a good chat with her owner while playing golf myself on a Monday morning. Bill says she loves to be with him. But if it rains, she'd rather stay inside. I'm cool with that too. It's not supposed to rain on golf courses.

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